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Been off for a while because my mac book broke and had to wait for a couple of days for it to be repaired
Any one on the server thinking about changing there name?
Just finished my castle! It looks awesome now
by our i mean mine and DaJackster1s server and it will soon hopefully be open to all you peeps
sorry ive not been on ive been sorting out our tekkit main server
Happy Birthday!
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primster   uploaded 24 images to RoM Screenshots
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primster185. 28. 188. 163 :30199
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This will be Microsoft update to minecraft >>
My life is potato
Like for more Videos Original video:
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primsterWell... Microsoft has now Bought Minecraft. I wonder what shit will happen to it now
legopepper2   [link]
from the words of the Wise man of what will happen
primster1.8.0 arrives within a few days. Not sure how long it will take the server to update though
CandleJack21   Whoop Whoop
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pepper_sprayedI'm planning on playing much more on the server again :sick:
CandleJack21Some delightful minecraftian has griefed my little brother (Pokemondude29)
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