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COOLHOTCAKES   registered to RealmsOfMagic
CandleJack21Can't ply on the server atm stupid 1.9 graphical glitch is making it unplayable for me, so see you In the next update :/
Mordredomega   I can fix it for you. Which error are you seeing?
CandleJack21   When ever re log into a server or leave one and load a new one (and world) I spawn in and the my screen flickers with mirror images of whats in that chunk, so i can have a screen full of lava flow images and if i move slightly it would change completely, Ive tried changing the dedicated Memory usage to MC and the draw distance. Before you ask my graphics (AMD) is all upto date
SapphirePuppy716   registered to RealmsOfMagic
SapphirePuppy716Err sorry for causing some trouble but can someone explain to me how to register on white listed servers
Recemate   There is no area to register for the white-list. We have it white listed so that we can make the spawn and get everything up and running for 1.9!
primster   Give it a day or 2 and everyone will be welcome back to the server
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Ryelim   registered to RealmsOfMagic
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Is the server back up
nohing like just me playing on ROM XD
As you can see the server activity is "slow"if anyone has any ideas on how to make it more interesting for you members and even some staff feel free to share a little advice can never hurt
The guy below lies
Might have to add a day just to get some plugins up and working
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