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I have decided that I have no life with the amout of time I have spent on this server
and i am making a server myself :d
it seems like prim doesnt post about the server on PMC and mc server list. (this is my new accounmt btw, for any old players that remember WarierSolution)
Hey guys what's up how are all you guys sorry i have not been on the server in a while i have been on my xbox alot. Lol me and bennGerland are always talking about playing be he has been to busy or we were doing something else. Ill be on more often
new server O.O
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WarriorSolution   joined RealmsOfMagic
pepper_sprayedI'm planning on playing much more on the server again :d
CandleJack21Some delightful minecraftian has griefed my little brother (Pokemondude29)
CandleJack21Sorry I haven't been on in a while peeps, I've been playing on an attack of the b team server but I shall being coming back and playing :d but not as much as I used to as I'm still staff on the other server.

~Candle <3
nightwing_09Prim and other staff members there is a kid on the server named "kingdaven" He said he is a hacker and he has tons of alt accounts also me and crominer were telling him to stop spawning mobs on the creative world because it made the server lag for me and crominer we asked him ones again to please stop and he did not stop he also was griefing houses on the creative world and we ones again told him to stop... he still did not stop and we said he is a 19 year old hacker that works for "wizard hack" then he left.
nightwing_09   Also i got screen shots if you need them
primster   IP Banned.
nightwing_09   Thanks
CandleJack21Yo whats happening with the top players again ...
legopepper2   ? ban list reset? how is deathdusk back on?
primster   And it seems to have reset again....
primster   02.04 08:11:48 [Server] INFO berrystalker69, tinminecrafter, Deathdusk, miko360roki, something169, raid_jackass, oakboy1337, noble687, berry, bombdom, honeydewsh8er, honeydewh8er, s0nny123, lord_dead401, ydntusuckit, piconjis101, LeaderBeetlez, minecraftnoob134, lolzitsakitty, big_jp, r0bbi3_l4d_12 and theidealredneck

Thats the Banlist straight from the server
CandleJack21Tinminecrafter has griefed myself and stolen from shadowbrady and most likely other players, if you want proof he has taken shadows beacon and broke my temple (again -_-)
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primster   Banned...

Well, my work list gets longer. Need to get things sorted when I finish work for the week:

1. Fix The Nether
2. Get Hawkeye Working
3. Give Candlejack and Shadow stuff for being griefed (since hawkeye can't rollback yet)
CandleJack21   Don't worry about my stuff i fixed it all it only shadows beacon that needs to be replaced (i think), that's one longish list :p man up and get to work ;).

crominer   joined RealmsOfMagic
CandleJack21Dear All
LeaderBeetlez he is a troll and he's spreading random s**t about the server being closed down dont believe it only believe Prim,Fiend,Moose,shadow and dark oh and maybe some long term players ie skela, bengarland, me etc... (any admins pls ban)
primster   13.03 22:26:52 [Server] INFO §6Player§c Console §6banned§c LeaderBeetlez §6for This Server is now Closed, but only for you. Enjoy.
CandleJack21   You get all the candy shack love!!!
WarriorSolution   prim... that is extremely excessive, maybe just mute him lol.
CandleJack21Can people please stop saying there's gonna be a map reset I'm sure if prim was going to reset the map he'll put up his own poll or write his own post about it asking what everyone thinks.
~Candle <3
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