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primsterWebsite may go down for a day or 2, due to the host changing payment methods
CandleJack21Hells yeah :sick: Run like a mother trucker!!!
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nightwing_09   GG!
primsterSo, what could I possible be working on next?
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Little_Legs   whatever it is..I'm terrified to go near it
CandleJack21   One of "The Two Towers" with added lava
primsterThe May update on the server is live. MobArena has been successfully added.
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Realms of Magic Minecraft Survival Server 1.8
Join the Realms of Magic Today! http://therealmsofmagic.enji...
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Is it at all possible if a Mr Prim could change clear lag to not remove minecarts
someone stole from all of the chest but 1 at my guild hall build can anyone help?
Lol DeathDusk joined the server site
So how has every one been?
I fixed it partially Celso rollback doesnt work on player heads
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