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MordredomegaPerm banned player WindiEx. Griefing in creative (Lots of lava in the same areas prim just cleaned up yesterday). I also rolled back his lava prim, no worries.
MordredomegaTemp banned player TheAFactor15 for griefing 2 blocks (Second minor grief, other was an animal kill) 24 hour ban.
AweAmbria   registered to RealmsOfMagic
CandleJack21I have banned the following people for griefing the crap out of my castle and also messed with my pride and joy my GATE!!:
nightwing_09   Nooooooooooooooo not Pirate ;(
CandleJack21   Noo one fucks with mah Pride and Joy
nightwing_09   Hahahahahahahahaha
kickout33   registered to RealmsOfMagic
nightwing_09   uploaded an image to Current Survival Map
nightwing_09   uploaded 9 images to Current Survival Map
snowdog1573   registered to RealmsOfMagic
FrYs_Alpha   registered to RealmsOfMagic
primsterWebsite may go down for a day or 2, due to the host changing payment methods
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500 HOURS!
Finally can use mother trucking hawkeye, thx Recemate
hey it wasnt me
I wonder who killed the server today...
R.I.P. the server
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