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:sick: thx also can i ask a mr admin mans to delete a house for me :sick: W/E is needed
omg candlejack ur area like the caste and such is an entire adventuresk like map
took a bit of a nostalgia tour today cant believe the city of mages finally got completed
185 . 28 . 188 . 163 : 30199
Whats the IP?
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primster185. 28. 188. 163 :30199
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This will be Microsoft update to minecraft >>
My life is potato
Like for more Videos Original video:
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primsterWell... Microsoft has now Bought Minecraft. I wonder what shit will happen to it now
legopepper2   [link]
from the words of the Wise man of what will happen
primster1.8.0 arrives within a few days. Not sure how long it will take the server to update though
CandleJack21   Whoop Whoop
WarriorSolution   joined RealmsOfMagic
pepper_sprayedI'm planning on playing much more on the server again :sick:
CandleJack21Some delightful minecraftian has griefed my little brother (Pokemondude29)
CandleJack21Sorry I haven't been on in a while peeps, I've been playing on an attack of the b team server but I shall being coming back and playing :sick: but not as much as I used to as I'm still staff on the other server.

~Candle <3
nightwing_09Prim and other staff members there is a kid on the server named "kingdaven" He said he is a hacker and he has tons of alt accounts also me and crominer were telling him to stop spawning mobs on the creative world because it made the server lag for me and crominer we asked him ones again to please stop and he did not stop he also was griefing houses on the creative world and we ones again told him to stop... he still did not stop and we said he is a 19 year old hacker that works for "wizard hack" then he left.
nightwing_09   Also i got screen shots if you need them
primster   IP Banned.
nightwing_09   Thanks
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