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primsterDo you dare to tackle this tainted Wizard tower? Great power lies within, but so does great danger. Find it within the Survival world
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nightwing_09   Trust me you do not want to try and beat this with iron gear.
ShadowBrady   Oh boy I'm back
primsterI sadly fucked up guys, and inventories have been lost on the main world. This happened whilst trying to set a new world up :sick:
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CandleJack21   You really are a willy :sick:
primsterWe are now running on Spigot 1.8.3. Taken a bit of work, and help from a few old friends (that work as support with our server hosts), but we are up and running.
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omg yay fixed my enjin account
So what has every one been up to?
Still I appreciate it though
Is that my evil demon brother or something?
Also who is LegoPepper?
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