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Did every one die?
:sick: thx also can i ask a mr admin mans to delete a house for me :sick: W/E is needed
omg candlejack ur area like the caste and such is an entire adventuresk like map
took a bit of a nostalgia tour today cant believe the city of mages finally got completed
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primster185. 28. 188. 163 :30199
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This will be Microsoft update to minecraft >>
My life is potato
Like for more Videos Original video:
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primsterWell... Microsoft has now Bought Minecraft. I wonder what shit will happen to it now
legopepper2   [link]
from the words of the Wise man of what will happen
primster1.8.0 arrives within a few days. Not sure how long it will take the server to update though
CandleJack21   Whoop Whoop
WarriorSolution   joined RealmsOfMagic
pepper_sprayedI'm planning on playing much more on the server again :sick:
CandleJack21Some delightful minecraftian has griefed my little brother (Pokemondude29)
CandleJack21Sorry I haven't been on in a while peeps, I've been playing on an attack of the b team server but I shall being coming back and playing :sick: but not as much as I used to as I'm still staff on the other server.

~Candle <3
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