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primsterServer is working again
MadEnviousWe are still working on the server sorry to most of you guys the server will be open soonish we are just making sure we can make it something everyone will enjoy!
crominerI wanted to joinback the server and it says Im not whitelisted :(
RainbowGirl222Just a question, but when will everyone be able to play on the server cause right I can play on it
RainbowGirl222   And I really wanna know how everything looks, because I haven't been on in a while
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CandleJack21Can't ply on the server atm stupid 1.9 graphical glitch is making it unplayable for me, so see you In the next update :/
Mordredomega   I can fix it for you. Which error are you seeing?
CandleJack21   When ever re log into a server or leave one and load a new one (and world) I spawn in and the my screen flickers with mirror images of whats in that chunk, so i can have a screen full of lava flow images and if i move slightly it would change completely, Ive tried changing the dedicated Memory usage to MC and the draw distance. Before you ask my graphics (AMD) is all upto date
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